TriVest Portfolio


Trinity Pharma (Pty) Ltd

Trinity Pharma provides foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers with competent all encompassing solutions to all specialized registration, marketing and distribution services and provides local manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry a competent partner to guide them through the registration process and facilitate marketing and distribution functions.

The company owns a portfolio of niche pharmaceutical products which are distributed via the largest national retailers as well as independent pharmacies. It is also highly networked within Southern Africa and acts as an intermediary between suppliers and the demand in those countries for quality pharmaceutical products.   



Inoxico (Pty) Ltd 

Inoxico is a specialist credit bureau which provides risk mitigation solutions within a defined client or industry context. Based on a broad range of accurate and up-to-date credit-related data, Inoxico strives to provide information and intelligence to its clients, to enable strategic decision making. Through its solutions and its customer-centric approach, Inoxico ultimately seeks to deliver superior governance and transparency within our clients’ ecosystem. 



SolSqr (Pty) Ltd

Solsquare's unique renewable energies product range and support structure offers its clients innovative and sustainable renewable energies technologies, sourced from across the globe, which enable them to run systems which are efficient and reliable, yet cost-effective. The company specialises on Solar Water Heating and Solar Energy ("PV") solutions, and offers sophisitated energy audits. The company's engineering services are targeted at large-scale installations for commercial and industrial purposes, as well as support services for residential installations.