Investment Principles

Fair Value - TriVest has a long-term objective in all transactions. Therefore it is counterproductive from a publicity perspective, but also from a perspective of management incentivisation, not to establish a fair value for a transaction.

Closing Capabilities - TriVest understands the importance of closing transactions in a timely manner, balancing risk with company resource requirements.

Ability to Provide a Timely Response - TriVest does not have a formal investment committee; instead the personnel required to approve investments work closely throughout the investment evaluation process in close collaboration with its consultants and advisors. This approach allows us to respond to opportunities quickly,  targeting to close a transaction within 3 months.

Equity Participation for Management - TriVest will offer the opportunity for significant equity ownership to management partners, and typically an incentive-based compensation plan is developed to allow management to earn additional equity ownership.

Autonomous Operating Philosophy - Principals of TriVest will act as active Board of Directors participants. TriVest also expects its management partners to be capable of overseeing and consulting the portfolio companies, which they are allocated to in all day-to-day operations, depending on the level of engagement.

Strategic and Financial Advisory Support - TriVest's resources and expertise are available to all portfolio companies in the areas of strategic planning, finance and HR.

Long-Term Growth Orientation - Upon consummation of a transaction, TriVest works with management to develop a long-term growth plan for the company. The plan identifies internal growth opportunities, and, when appropriate, includes an acquisition strategy. TriVest provides support to its management partners during the execution of the growth plan.