Trivest | Investment


Investment Principles

Fair Value

TriVest has a long-term objective in all transactions. Therefore it is important in the spirit of partnership with management to establish a fair value at time of buy-in. At the same time, management’s rewards are strongly tied to future company performance. This is in addition to the meaningful equity stakes management typically retains in partnership with TriVest.


Autonomous Operating Philosophy

We leave management full autonomy to build and grow the business, within the aforementioned pre-agreed strategic growth framework. Principals of TriVest will act as active directors and bring with them deep experience at working closely with management on the implementation of strategic transformation initiatives, wherever this is required across the value chain.

Both André and Dieter are highly experienced coaches, and we lend our support to the executives throughout the transformation process.


Long-Term Growth Orientation

Upon consummation of a transaction, TriVest works with management to develop a long-term strategic growth plan for the company. The plan identifies internal growth opportunities, and, when appropriate, includes an acquisition strategy.

TriVest provides support to its management partners during the execution of the growth plan.