Investment Process

Analysis & Indentification

Use industry expertise and experience to recognize and understand which businesses have value creation potential. Identify the key stakeholders and their motivations.

Contact & Negotiations

Establish with shareholders and/or management whether a private equity solution is required and appropriate. Define the wants and needs of the key stakeholders.

Memorandum of Understanding

Negotiate terms and conditions of transaction. Draft and sign memorandum of understanding with all stakeholders.

Valuation & Assessment

Collect relevant data, in order to appropriately evaluate internal capabilities and external influences. Use at least 3 valuation methods, in accordance with international and SAVCA PE and VC Valuation Guidelines.

Sale / Subscription Agreement

Depending on the type of transaction conducted, draft Sale or Subscription of Shares Agreement, in which key deliverables and conditions are defined. A detailed business plan must, among others, form part of the agreement.

Due Diligence

Compile Due Diligence team according to project requirements. Obligatory fields are Financial, Legal, Insurance, Environmental and Personnel.

Closing Phase

Finalize contractual framework (shareholders’ agreement, employment contracts, etc.), and complete business plan, in which an immediate 100-day plan and a mid-term plan (3-5 years) are specified. Issue of shares and instatement of the management board.

Active Participation

Active participation in the management of the portfolio company through board representation and employment of required management staff to build key capabilities. Our focus lies on monitoring change, financial controlling and HR-related services.